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We live in an era of extreme uncertainty and severe disruption. The complex systemic challenges of a global pandemic, racial inequality, climate change, and economic disaster, among others, confront today’s leaders. As a result, people seek coherence, empathy, guidance, and support in greater numbers than ever. In light of this demand, there is a greater need for leadership wisdom than ever.

W.I.S.E Leadership Approach
(Wisdom, Insight, Self-awareness, Ethics)


W.I.S.E Leadership Approach
(Wisdom, Insight, Self-awareness, Ethics)


Future leadership is a heady mix of complexity and uncertainty. It demands specific skillsets and a grasp of knowledge that itself is increasing exponentially.  Future leadership occurs in a connected world where relationships are unclear, blurred, ambiguous and contradictory. This pace of change and lack of clarity means the leader exists in an environment where knowing and not knowing co-exist.    


Most people can steer the ship in calm waters; however, truly WISE Leadership occurs in that moment when we do not know something – we don’t know what we are doing, where we are going or how we are going to get there. Therefore, WISE Leadership requires both Head and Heart … and both need to be connected and intelligent.


Leadership Coaching

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"Leadership that exudes Wisdom amidst uncertainty, opportunity and threat stays attuned to ‘what is’. The nature of ‘who’ the leader is as a person lies at the heart of wisdom. 

 When the ‘who’ is rooted in values respected by the community, is humble in a world that demands answers and is courageous in the face of darkness, then the leader is possessed of wisdom.


Such a leader is attuned always to the play, the mood of the moment, and keeps their eyes scanning the far horizon."

Elizabeth Smythe & Andrew Norton

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