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Leadership & Team Training

High Performing, highly productive, high achieving

As leaders, we spend too much time spinning our wheels and losing momentum because of the dysfunctional behaviour that is evident in our teams, their teams and throughout our organisation.  How much rework occurs because of organisational politics and personal agendas? There is a crippling force at work in most organisations. Process can only go so far! Imagine a world where everyone is on the same page, everyone feels safe and the only tension is constructive and creative. By using specially developed tools and techniques, I increase the productivity of your teams by replacing dysfunctional habits with healthy, functional and positive characteristics. Start the conversation and click below.

"Steve Griffin on Leadership.  Just Start … and Wisdom, Insight, Self-Awareness & Empathy (WISE) resonated as we chatted with Steve. Everyone in the room had different roles and responsibilities and yet one thing was in common for our team. We all had occasions in our day job when we must lead. The difference between doing this well, and failing can be subtle and unseen, yet Steve in his lovely way put his finger right on those things that make the difference. He left the room but left us thinking, engaged and believing."

Chris Lewis, Managing Director, BakerAg

"I can warmly recommend Steve’s services, as his educational sessions have been very well received. He has also rapidly tailored his offering for optimum fit to our needs. His in-depth experience shines through, and his engaging delivery energises the audience.  

When working with Steve it is readily apparent that he is deeply invested in the success of his clients. He brings a refreshing perspective of humble and inspiring leadership, focused on achieving excellence through more effective and inclusive collaboration."

Anca Slusanchi, PMO NZTA (Now MoE)


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