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"The business has prospered and has been strengthened under Steve’s leadership." 

"Steve is a visionary leader, who brings his innovative thinking and excellent relationship skills to his team. He provides freedom to his team members so they choose what works for them and their customer to make everyone successful."

"Steve goes about his work in a positive fashion, which not only makes him an inspirational leader and dependable colleague, but fun to work with."

"Each year he exceeded targets and has achieved growth through the acquisition of new contracts and new clients. As a result, Unisys NZ is the top performing subsidiary in Asia Pacific and within the top 5 globally. He is a passionate leader with a genuine commitment to success."

"He always impressed me with his charismatic and purposeful leadership style, with a knack of bringing high performance teams together to deliver real results in short order."

On Leadership ...

Original comments with originators on LinkedIn profile 

I had the great pleasure of working with Steve when he was Country Manager at Unisys and I was on his leadership team. Steve was very attuned to the needs of the local NZ business and excelled at balancing local needs within a Global organisation’s strategic agendas. Steve is a very personable leader who was able to relate to any associate in the organisation regardless of the position they held.

If you have never been a fish, how do you know when the fish are happy?

Chinese Proverb

'If you are not a fish, how can you tell if the fish are happy?' Chinese Proverb

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